Ozara, Oru West is a town in Oru West Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. It comprises seven villages, namely: Umuogu, Umuokporoma, umuezike, umuobioma, Etitilabu, Ubahalanuwam, and Aboh. Umuogu is the eldest village in Ozara and the youngest is Aboh Ozara. 

It has three elementary schools, which are Town School, Central School, and Aboh Primary School. Central school is the oldest, it was formally a community mission (church) even till date the elders still refer to it as mission. It has many Christian churches, prominent among which is St Patrick Catholic Parish. It has only one Rev. Fr., Aban Chimezie Aguezeala, from Aboh and many Rev sisters with Rosephina Okafor from Umuobioma. 

The population is estimated at 3000 people. Towns neighbouring Ozara are Ohakpu, Amorka, Egbuoma and Mgbidi. It is located northeast of Imo State at the boundary with Anambra State. Some prominent people from Ozara include late chief L.M.G Ezenwata, late Chief C.C. Okafor, Chief Aloysius Obodoako, Chief Gregory Eze Okafor, Francis Nnoruom, Mr Fidelis Chukwuati Anyikire,Chief Benson Udennaka, Godwin Ugochukwu, late Nze K.C. Umenyido-Ebochukwu, Dr Felix Anyikire, Mr Chukwudi Anyikire, Mr Stephen Emmanuel Chijioke (AKA) S.E.C. Ozaralinks Investment, Michael Ononugu, Mr Michael Chikezie Anyikire, Dominic Chima, and Demean Ohanyere among others. 

Ozara has one elected traditional ruler-Jonas Ahize and the appointed one by Imo state government Onyaka Ononuju. The president of the town union-(OPU) is Mr Peter Anonyio. Ozara has a local market called Orie Ozara which takes place every four days in a week. The major occupations of Ozara people are farming, trading, and teaching. The late Nze Kevin Chukwudire Umenyido-Ebochukwu of Umuobioma was the first educated teacher from Ozara, after graduating from the famous Government College Umuahia. 

Ozara people through self effort built three primary schools, one secondary school located in Ubahalanuwam, a health centre, electricity project and a plan for a road project before the unfortunate contest for traditional ruler that has lasted for years set them back. This contest has been the major cause of enmity in the community. Ozara has a table land with so many tall palm trees. Ozara community now has a source of drinking water, bore hole built by Governor Ohakim (former governor of Imo State), but only at one place. But there are many other bore holes owned by the villagers. Though there are other natural sources called Obana. Stones are mined in Ozara, at Aboh Ozara precisely.  

This information was provided by Tony Dozie Desmond. To provide additional information about Ozara, please use the comment form below.
March 1, 2012


  1. This is very extensive and I commend my name sake for making out some time to put this in writing. I am so happy that our children all over the globe are now taking advantage of this web for what it is out to achieve. Thank you Tony.

    Tony Ibenacho
    Ibenacho’s Compound, Abuga Aji

    • This is really great and educative….Kudos to Tony Dozie Desmond, but Late Chief Charles Ike’s Name was not mentioned and this Man did a whole lot of Humanitarian service for the Ozara community..

  2. This is great and I need more information about Ozara, although one name is missing here, in the person of Chief Hon (Sir) P. E. Eze.

  3. Anyways, this is actually good. I was happy when I was reading This. But the population need to change. We are more than 3000 right now. And those names mentioned there are not complete yet. I Know a lot of great people in that village. But this Anyikire everywhere, those people haven’t done anything ooh.. I think is one of their family member that gave this write up. Please we need to update this. Ozara have done extra great things. Even the Catholic Church has a secondary and primary school since some years ago. So we need a current update

  4. Kudos to you sir for making out time to pen this down but I need to remind you that this article needs to be reviewed and updated because some data therein has changed.

    God bless Ozara
    Proudly Ubaha-eze son from Umuobioma.
    Nwa Obinigwe

  5. Good day ozarans. I Gozie Desmond Egwu. C E O Ezewindy Phones LTD. Sincerely thank the writer of this write up. But I want you to edit it to accommodate new events in ozara. Again, add some features like photos of some places and people in ozara. Thanks God bless ozara people.

    • Greetings to Ozarans, I Odimgbe Samuel Onyemaechi (Sammie Global Communications Abuja).
      I thank the writer of this write-up, it’s not easy but the writer need to edit and add up so many things.

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