Nempi is one of the ancient towns in the former Oru LGA, now Oru West LGA after the creation of Oru East LGA by the Babangida administration. Nempi has 17 villages which  are  governed by 3 Kings namely; the Obi of Amafor – HRH Late Eze A. M. Akamigbo, Ezeonyeoruru 1, Obi the IV in charge of Amafor kingdom, the Obi of Ihiteoha – HRH Eze Obed Agabaenwere, and the paramount ruler of Nempi Ancient Kingdom HRH. Eze A. M. Obiekweihe, the Ogbuehi II of Nempi.

Nempi has 4 public primary schools, 4 private primary schools, one public secondary school and a daily market of international repute, 2 public health centers located in Amafor and Ihiteoha, a pro cathedral of the catholic church and an Archdeaconry of the Anglican church. Nempi produced the first medical doctor in Oru in 1959. He built his hospital – BEX Memorial Hospitals at Nempi and Onitsha. She produced the first LGA chairman in Oru LGA. Nempi indigenes championed the cause of development in Oru LGA and the defunct Biafra.

The 17 villages in Nempi are (in alphabetical order):

1. Agbata
2. Amafo
3. Eziama
4. Oma
5. Ubahadara
6. Ubahalawaram
7. Ubahaokpara
8. Ubahaugbele
9. Ubahawa
10. Ugbele
11. Umuduru
12. Umuebee
13. Umuehi
14. Umuezike
15. Umulu
16. Umuojiabia
17. Umuokpara

Information provided by Obi Chidozie Anthonius.
18 April, 2017


  1. Nempi is a great city, so amazing! I’m proud of Nempi.
    Our indentify is always there, Onyeaghala Nwanneya.

  2. Nempi is a land of opportunity, progress, peace and love. A land of pacesetters that illuminates neighbouring towns. I love Nempi.

  3. This my mother’s home before my father took advantage of taking her home as his wife the fruit of the Union becomes my humble me and my siblings. I love all Nempi citizens. Am the product of Ibiasoegbe and Ibiasoegbe related

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