Amiri, the second largest town in Oru is the oldest son of one of the wives of Oru. History points out that Amiri is the elder brother of Awo-Omamma and Atta (Atta was later married to Isu). Amiri married two wives, one from Oru and one from Isu. The first wife from Isu had four sons namely:

1. Umuecheta
2. Amuka
3. Isiorie
4. Umudioka

The second wife had five sons namely:

5. Umuduru
6. Mbubu
7. Amaokpara
8. Ubahazu
9. Ugbeke

These 9 sons and Nchoko make up the 10 villages in Amiri. Nchoko, though not one of the first generation sons of Amiri, was made up of prominent warlords at the time. They left Mbubu and headed south in search of better life. They found good land between Ubahazu, Umuduru and Otulu where they settled and formed the last of the ten villages in Amiri. 

It should also be noted that Amiri was the seat of the defunct Biafran Navy where the naval commander, Capt. Anukwu held sway throughout the Nigeria/Biafra war.


Road leading to Orie Amiri

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  1. Legend Amiri evolved from the Umunnenasaa nation, namely (in order of seniority) 1. Isunjaba, 2. Eziamaobaire, 3. Amusa, 4. Nkume, 5. Atta, 6. Amiri, 7. Awo-Omamma. These ancient villages (now clans) worship one common dirty Eke Njaba, and had their geographical location/settlement along the course of the Njaba river. Colonial administration in 1900 brought Amiri and Awo-Omamma into western Oru and the rest of their kinsmen into Isu.

  2. Amiri clan of today consist of four autonomous communities with four Traditional Rulers. 1.HRH Eze B.N Igbodekwe111, Obi-Gedegwum of Amiri-Isu and Head of Amiri Clan. 2. HRH Eze D.D Nnabuo, Igwe 111 of Amiri ORU, 3. HRH Eze L.O Obilom, Duruoha 11 of Umuduruigwemadu Amiri, 4. HRH Eze C. U Uzoukwu, Mbu 1 of Mbubu Amiri .

  3. This is a very educative information thanks so much my elders.but please can someone give me the actual population of Amiri community

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