Otulu is located in Oru West Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. Otulu is along Owerri-Onitsha Road. Otulu is bounded by Mgbidi, Awo-Omamma, Amiri and Omuma. Otulu originally has 3 villages with 16 kindreds (now villages). The 3 villages are: 

1. Umuhu
2. Umuezem
3. Ubahawa

The creation of autonomous communities by the Imo State Government gave Otulu two autonomous communities namely:

1. Umuhu-Umueze Autonomous Community (made up of Umuhu and Umuezem).
2. Otulu Autonomous Community made up of Ubahawa.

(Ref: Imo State Gazette No. 4 Vol. 28 of 29th October, 2003. Courtesy: Otulu Elite League, USA Convention Program, 2010).

Umuhu-Umueze autonomous community has 8 villages (formerly known as kindreds – 4 in Umuhu, 4 in Umuezem) namely:

1. Umunkwa
2. Umuofia
3. Umunka
4. Umuelile
5. Umudurukwu
6. Umuaro
7. Umuochihe
8. Umuaso

The traditional ruler is known as Igwe. When Umuhu-Umueze autonomous community was created, it became necessary to have an Igwe. Otulu autonomous community (Ubahawa) has 8 villages (formerly known as kindreds) namely:

1. Umuokwa
2. Ubahawaoji
3. Umundikwa
4. Umuabuba
5. Umunabia
6. Umuosonkita
7. Umuojienwe
8. Okponsu

The traditional ruler is known as Obi of Otulu. This is hereditary within the family. The Obi of Otulu has always ruled the entire Otulu town through the cabinet members and other subdivisions. The traditional rulers settle disputes between citizens, represent the communities, appoint the Village Heads, organize the people to protect the communities, etc. Otulu citizens were mostly farmers. Otulu has an organization in the United States of America known and called Otulu Elite Leage, USA.

This article was prepared and submitted by Chris Gozie Ezinne of Washington, DC branch. It was reviewed by some Otulians (Nze Vincent Onyeka, Mr. Mathias Ojibeka).
Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone update me with a stand alone picture of HRH Eze Festus Orji. The Obi of Otulu, I want to use it in conclusion of my school project.

  2. Mine is not really a comment but I will love to know from Mr Vincent Onyeka which kindred has the largest population in Otulu.

  3. Please the world would like to know the economic potentials obtainable in Otulu: does Otulu have good roads network, electrical power supply, water supply or source, manufacturing or trading industries, schools, hospitals, market, etc? Those are the vital information that we need to get to the world so as to enable visitors know how to prepare.

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