Ibiasoegbe is a town in Oru West Local Government Area of Imo State. The following are the villages that make up Ibiasoegbe:

1. Umorie
2. Eziama
3. Amadaba
4. Umuonitsha
5. Ubahaibi
6. Umuchukwu

The first customary court was located in Ibiasoegbe near a place that the famous “Udu Oma” was located. Ibiasoegbe is a border town. On the Imo State side there are Aji, Mgbidi, Nnempi and Ubulu while on the Anambra side there are Amorka and Uli.

This information was provided by Lizzy Ngozi Obiamaka, current president of Oru Progressive Union Washington, DC Branch. To provide additional information about Ibiasoegbe, please use the comment form below.
August 31, 2015.


  1. Ibiasoegbe is made up of three villages now namely Umorie, Amadaba and Arochukwu. His Royal Highness Eze D. C Onyebuagu is the traditional ruler.

    Ofeahia autonomous was carved out from Ibiasoegbe. Ofeahia autonomous is made up of Eziama, Umuonitsha, Ubahakaogwu and Ubahaibi. His Royal Highness Igwe Solomon Mbanuzuru is the traditional ruler.

  2. May God almighty help us to grow collectively united in strength against all visible odds. United we stand. Umu Agumiri.

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