Awo-Omamma is one of the towns in Oru. It is made up of 14 villages namely:

1. Isieke
2. Obibi
3. Ohuba (courtesy of Ken Nnawuba)
4. Okwuorji
5. Ubachima
6. Ubahaeze
7. Ubaogwugwu
8. Umubochi
9. Umuelibe
10 Umueme
11. Umuezeali
12. Umuezike
13. Umuezukwe
14. Umuokwe

Webmaster’s Note: Some commenters have noted that Umuelibe is not a village but simply a part of Okwuorji. As a result, we have struck it out unless we get more information to the contrary. June 1, 2020.

This information was provided by Vincent Agubokwu of Washington, DC Branch. To provide additional information about Awo-Omamma, please use the comment form below (First paragraph provided by Morgan Orioha, August 16, 2012).


  1. I have DNA tested on AncestryDNA. I have tested my dad and I have a distant cousin from Awo-Omamma, Imo, Nigeria his Username is bigwe2390 his grandfather was Joseph Igwe and grandmother was Anna. I was born in America and am 5th generation from my ancestors who were slaves here. I would love to know more about Awo-Omamma, Imo, Nigeria. B. Igwe and my dad are 5th cousins to distant, so distant that if I didn’t have my dad tested B. Igwe probably wouldn’t have showed a match to me. It saddens me that our history is torn from the pages of the book, interrupted like a good movie for a broadcast of disaster. But DNA testing has our story written in our genes our ancestors urge us from within to listen and tell their stories and never forget, but forgive, and always remember… re-member our selves! I have reached out to B. Igwe but have received no response I hope to connect with him or someone from his family or friend of his family.

    • dear bass,u myt nd to travel to awoomamma to unravel dis mistery,cos in d actually some of our sons n daughters were kidnapd n sold,some followed ships in 14,15,16,17,18,19 n even early 20th centuries,journey bt never rturned.


  3. I commend the view of Morgan Orioha, August16, 2012 but beg to differ with him on the names of the 14 villages of Awo-Omamma. Notably Umuelibe is not a village but one of three kindreds that make up Okworji village. Rather Ubachima is made up of Ubachima 1 and Ubachima 2. This is authentic

    • There shouldn’t be any authenticity in this. Correct in accordance with Igbo custom, but in modern administration, a settlement of over 1500 inhabitants can’t be taken as minor. There is an approved primary school, a certified health facility, good motor-road link, electricity etc. What else does she need to be an autonomous settlement. Settlements like Isieke, Umuokwe, Ubogwugwu, Ubachima, are already termed sub-towns and not villages. Take note.

  4. Can you tell me pls why Umubochi should be seperated from Okwuorji cos Umubochi has been struggling to be removed from Okwuorji which has not be accepted upto today and as such is not considered a village on it’s own but as part of Okwuorji.

    • Why are you guys becoming myopic? Awo-Omamma is recognized officially as a “town of towns” as a result of its size, population, as well as economic viability by the government. Therefore she must also be respected and held up-high by us the indigenes rather than being the ones to tell the government: Umubochi is part of Okworji, Ubachima is just a village. Awo-Omamma is bigger than some local government areas in all ramifications.

    • Awo Omamma consists of 13 villages. Umubochi authentically separated from Okworji and became an independent village. Unfortunately and sadly enough, Umuelibe tried but failed to separate from Okworji. Each of the villages in Awo is made up of several kindreds ( most of the kindreds are small but few are big, big enough to be regarded as a village). I hope Awo Omamma will one day become the headquarter of a local government council.

  5. I am sure u r mistaking okworji for umubochi cos the later is a distintive community of its own while the former is an integral part of okworji to which it is one of the three kindreds. But as a result of her distant location and the even distribution of social amenities, it has been deemed fit to have her pronounced a village of its own.

  6. From Stuttgart Germany. Thanks my brothers and sisters. We are blessed. We need to work together to get our own local government

  7. yes, considering the size of awo omamma and the level of socio-economic activities that go on in this town, it has been termed a town of towns like nnewi in anambra state. therefore, if ubachima in which umunnam is originally a kindred, is a sub-town, umunnam is a village.

    • I’m so happy to search Awo-omamma on Google, base on my argument with a friend, now it’s settle so easy with Google. Thanks to Mr Mogan Orioha and Mr Vincent Agubokwu for making it easy for us.

  8. hi my good people of awo-omamma, i want to especially thank those that designed this web, may god bless them, amen. but i want to make one passionate appeal; could somebody conduct a thorough research and bring us the exact approximate population of awo-omamma so that we can use it in upgrading this web.

  9. I love awo-omamma. I’m a cameroonian and I played football in 1992 till 1994 with consolidated breweries plc awo-omamma , I missed the people there in that village there WERE so kind to me, DOROTHY EMECHETA, BONIFACE EMECHETA, Ben Okafor, chuks, emeka, kindsley, augustine emecheta, Béatrice Emecheta and chiyaka my lovely one. but I got no news from any one of them please help if you from awo and may have some informations about those friends I’m searching for . ALSO News from Minima the former admin manager and the sister inlaw that was a nurse by then in the breweries clinic. I ‘m living since then in france but I missed that village so much. may God bless you. I remember the river EKE NJABA. They were calling me cameroon but my name is Marcel Soh Bernard a former footbaler from 1992 till 1994. thanks a lot.

  10. Awo-Omamma is made up of 14 villages. Ohuba is a village in Awo-Omamma.
    Ken Nnawuba

  11. ken you are very correct, ohuba is one of the 14 communities that make up awo-omamma.

  12. well, there are 5 catholic church parishes in awo omamma but i can only name the following; st. patrick isieke, st. basil umuokwe, c.k.c okworji or umubochi, st. john ubachima, but the one at ubogwu i can’t say the exact name please.

  13. The town awo omamma is an assemblement of towns in one. this is because villages like isieke, ubachima, ubaogwugwu, umuokwe, umuezukwe and okwuoji are settlements that can boast of over 4000 people living in them and therefore cannot be referred to as just villages in the nigerian context. awo omamma is one of the biggest native towns in the south eastern geo/political zone of nigerian economy, though the town’s economy could be said to be agrobased, it must be mentioned that the biggest beer brewing factory “consolidated breweries plc” in imo state is located here, while other manufacturing industries are equally dotted in the length and breath of the town

  14. I am happy to be a son of awo omamma cos one of the founding fathers of independent nigeria ‘dr. b.u. nzeribe’ is from this well-blessed town and is one of the few of them that are still alive. Awo omamma is bordered by mgbidi, amiri, atta, okwudor, umunoha, umuofor, eziama, akabor, awa, abiaziem and otulu, all in imo state.

  15. but there is scanty information available; no population figure, no map, no accurate figures for academic institutions not to talk of any socio-political nor those of religious, traditional or cultural institutions. what about trade, commerce and industries. can someone do something please.

  16. I quite appreciate the effort each and every one of us in the diaspora are making to project the image of our beloved Awo-omamma community. As a member of the Awo-Omamma board of directors in the UK. We encourage our brothers and sisters to work hard and do all in their power to remember home and strive for her development for the benefit of the common man.

    Bright Emerum
    July 9, 2011

  17. From Nashville, Tennessee. USA.
    We had St. Patrick’s Catholic Parish Center as the parent Parish before the proliferation of Parishes as mentioned above. Apart from the Catholic Parish Centers now numbering about five, there are feeder Catholic out-station centers and sub-stations found in kindreds or “Ama ukwu”. Awo-Omamma is highly religious in whatever form you want it, but predominantly Catholic. Other Christian denominations exist.

    Nwaibe Zanders.
    Umudike, Umuobilofia
    Isieke, Umuduru

  18. From macarthy island.
    dee zanders,please dont call other parishes in awo-omamma proliferated because awo -omamma with a population of over 50,000 whose 25% would be catholics deserve even more parishes.What is the population of towns like akokwa,amaigbo and their likes that have 5 to 6 parishes? we cant stop having more parishes just because the first one is in isieke .Awo-omamma is great,MORE PARISHES MORE REPENTING OF SOULS

  19. It is not correct to list Okwuorji as a village in Awo Omamma and still go ahead to mention Umuelibe as a village. Truly, Okwuorji is an assemblage of THREE villages namely: Umudim, Umunwafor and Umuelibe. These villages relate very closely that they do not intermarry. History has it that they are brothers of the same mother while Umubochi is their half-brother.

    Emma Eke (14 October, 2016) Lagos.

  20. HELLO MY GREAT PFOPLE OF AWO-OMAMMA, I NOW ADVISE THAT WE BEGIN TO USE THIS SITE TO SHOWCASE OUR TOWN AS A FERTILE AND CONDUCIVE LAND TO DO ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS, RANGING FROM AGRICULTURE, OIL & GAS, TOURISM (NATURAL & ARTIFICIAL ENTERTAINMENT), TRADE & COMMERCE, EDUCATION AND GENERAL SALES & SERVICES, RATHER THAN DRAGGING LESS VITAL ISSUES. AWO-OMAMMA WITH LAND MASS OF NEARLY 90sq km, population of over 70000 people, lying on the ever-busy and famous Owerri-Onitsha expressway, a stone-throw from Nnewi, Orlu, Owerri and Onitsha, blessed with business moguls, academics, religious leaders, sportsmen & women should be able to attract investments and development than has been done now. Let’s wake up.

  21. I am from Ubachima 1 in Awo Omamma and I am proud to come from there. I thank those who designed this site for us to express ourselves but I am creating a group to unite all sons and daughters of Awo Omamma. So if you are on WhatsApp, just add me for more information. +2348182024200

  22. So nice. i greet you all. thanking you all for making it easy for people especially students to be able to know so many things about Awo-Omamma, but i think its a mistake adding Umuelibe as a village in Awo because as i had been taught and i knew from childhood, i will say that Umuelibe is a community in Okwuorji.
    Please lets not make knowledge so hard for students. In all, thanks so much and remain blessed. Awo-Omamma must excel and attain a very great lofty height.

    • Not yet. Still under the proposal of the Catholic Bishops. No building, no structure, and no administration.

  23. Hello my people of Awo-Omamma! I would like to thank and to commend Mr. Vincent Agubokwu and Mr. Morgan Orioha for their awesome work in show casing our beautiful town in this way.

    I am from Umuifa, Ubachima 1. I thought UMUAWA was a village of Awo too?

    Also Umubochi like Umuelibe (already corrected) is a kindred in Okwuorji.

    Though, I am late to this forum, is this forum still active?

    • Almost all the names of villages found in Awo idemili are also found in Awo-Omamma. And as some history will have it, we are brothers.

  24. I’m from Umuokwe Awo Omamma. I am a Nigerian singer living in Lagos. Wow I was so excited seeing everyone commenting without fighting or arguing. I mean it’s crazy. Wow I love that it is looking incredible. God please bless all my people from Awo Omamma. Remain blessed guys, see you on my next show.

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