The following are the villages in Akatta:

1. Akwa
2. Amaka
3. Azu
4. Ichi
5. Okporo (provided by Engr. KC Onwuzuruike & Cletus Amagwu)
6. Okwu
7. Ubaha
8. Ubahangwu
9. Umuobia
10. Urah

This information was provided by Victor Okolie-Enwereji of Washington, DC Branch. To provide additional information about Akatta,, please use the comment form below.


  1. Akatta has a formidable closed group on facebook called “Good People of Akatta” please join the group as there are a lot of facts about Akatta that people have contributed to the group. I hope you will find useful info in the group.

  2. hi name is golden boy am from okwu akatta pls i need somebody that can contact one of my old school friends by name uzor adamma in akatta secondary school pls pls call me on 08096771781 or on face book chika micheal25 at yahoo.com thanks

  3. My name is Mr Daniel Ubah. I’m from Umuoji in Ubaha Akatta. Under Ubaha we have these communities namely Umuoji, Umuzieke, Umuelechi, and Uzoohu. Daniel Ubah.

  4. I desmond tutu luv dat village akatta if we stop all dis greediness and bad mind b4 der brodas. thanks

  5. Please Admin, you omitted Okporo in the list of communities that made up Akatta. That has made this piece of writing a shoddy one if u ask me. You should have made your research very meticulously before posting. Engr Isaac KC Onwuzuruike (KC-CREDIBLE) from Okporo Akatta.

  6. Yes Okporo community not Okporo town is also a part of Akatta town. Please make the necessary changes. Umudibie, can some one with good knowledge of Akatta town please educate us about the total make up of the town?

  7. My people , have you heard about the term “Akatta Ebe n’eri Ebe tete”, that is the simple explanation of the town that made up Akatta community. However, during the colonial administration and for the purpose taxation the Then Traditional ruler Oluoha, merged some towns and these towns are further known today as the “Ogbe Na isi Akatta ,meaning that Ubahangwu, Okporo Uzii Umudara becomes one and that is why the popular phrase today is Ubahangwu na Opkoro, Uzi na Umudara ,Then Azu , Umudibie and Okwu were merged and are known today as Erin , Ichi and Amaka were merged and know today as Ichie/Amaka , Ubaha remains the same, Akwa aslo remained the same Urah remains the same including Umuobia, History has it that Umuobia migrated from Uzii and that is part of the reason Uzii and Umuobia does not Inter-marry.

  8. Please I want to know where they have Akatta people meeting in Lagos, Switzerland or Luxembourg in Europe. I am from UMUEZE in ORA AKATTA. How is my brother Gilbert Okorie the gospel musician ….. One love my land Akatta.

  9. I am Wright Alphor-Onyemenem from Akwa Akatta based in Lagos. Please I want a clear history of where the Akattas migrated from and how Akatta all started. Please, biko nu am working on a project.

  10. Akatta is a lovely and peaceful place to stay and enjoy. I so much respect and love my town, Akatta. Nwagborogu Ekene from Umueze Urah Akatta based in Onitsha Anambra State.

  11. I am into Travels and Tour processing for visas for all my brothers and sisters from Akatta. I am from Ubahangwu, Akatta and I want anyone that is interested to travel to any country of his or her choice to reach me on my telephone. I am at your service to assist you make your dreams come through in this world. I have toured the world and I am now happy to help my people of Akatta see the world too and change their mindset regarding our beloved town Akatta and the way they usee to think or feel.

    Let us contribute and change the mindset of our people and let them understand that we do not have any other town except Akatta. Let us all come together and transform this town to a new heaven and stop running away. That is the reason why I want our people to travel and see the world and then after, when they come back to Nigeria they will reason with me and bring ideas that we can use to make our beautiful town Akatta look better than the way we use to see it previously. We can bring the Local Government Head Quarters to Akatta if we unit together and work it out with one mind.

    Look my people, AKATTA can be better and we can develop it. There is Crude Oil in Akatta which no body has discovered apart from me and my foreign partners from Australia. This Crude oil is located in Ubahangwu in an abandoned land that we normally call NGBO. I will leave it like that until I hear from the good people of our land.

  12. double king akatta hold at oshodi but urah hold on second sunday at nos 18 mohammed ada street opp ojo barrack at monday compound gilberts brother am the assitant secartary 08036301817 from urah too

    • My name is Chidinma Paulinus
      I’m from Okwu Akatta, but based in Lagos.
      I’m so happy to write here. Greetings my good people of Akatta. May the Lord be with us🙏

  13. I was lucky enough to get a divine being from Akatta that am in love with and planning my marriage by December. I am pleading that anyone here should please give me more information about the marriage procedure. I have been able to make some progress but I still need you to help me out more on that. I beg you and thanks.

  14. My people I greet u all. My name is Clinton Mmadu. Please I want to know why Akatta First Bank is not working again.

    • If not opened by now , it should be open soon, it was closed down because of the incessant robbery attacks on the bank, the bank requested for police station before they will be able to operate confidently, as I am writing now , the police post has been completed with supports from well meaning Akatta people and has been commission .

  15. God bless Akatta, God bless Akwa, God bless Umuohana.
    MY name is ibeole Praise known by my stage name Dablizz, i am a hip pop and r and b artist based in ghana

  16. @Don Paris, I hope you’re not one of the boys giving akatta a bad name. Ngbo isn’t an abandoned land, there are people who still “worship” Ngbo and there are houses around the “Ngbo”.

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